God-Mode for ChatGPT: The 7 Step Framework for Perfect Prompts Every Time

Discover the Perfect Prompt Formula for ChatGPT and how you can monetize it.

The Perfect Prompt Formula by Lifestream Labs
The Perfect Prompt Formula by Lifestream Labs

If ChatGPT was a video game, there’d be 3 levels.

Most people never get past Level 1…

Level 1 - The Explorer

At this level, users

Begin exploring ChatGPT functions
Grow frustrated with the poor outputs
Prioritize fun & curiosity-based prompts
Have no prompting strategy or framework
Dabble in productivity / business applications
Often stop using the tool after a few days or weeks

Level 2 - The Apprentice

At this level, users

Use ChatGPT to save time
Upgrade to a Pro Subscription
Apply ChatGPT to their work life
Run the same prompts through Claude 2
Have go-to prompts or prompt frameworks

Level 3 - The Engineer

At this level, users

Start using API access
Consider building their own apps
Begin custom training GPT models

Using this framework to develop a perfect prompt will plant you firmly in Level 2 and begin to open you up to income-producing opportunities like

Getting 2-5x more work done in a day
Being hired as a prompt engineer
Rapidly prototyping businesses
Selling your prompts online
Advancing to Level 3

The Perfect ChatGPT Prompt Formula

This formula is taken from Jeff Su on YouTube, but I’ve added my own twist to make it even more powerful.

The formula is divided into 7 different elements that you should consider using in the prompts you give ChatGPT and similar LLMs.

We'll take a look at each element separately then combine them all into the perfect prompt at the end.

Note: Depending on your situation, some of these elements will be more or less important to include in your prompt.

Give it a Persona

Telling ChatGPT to assume a persona is a huge cheat code to better outputs.

Try assigning it a very specific persona or role to get the best response.

Provide Context

For some reason, those stuck on Level 1 seem to think that ChatGPT is omniscient (all-knowing) and become frustrated when it doesn’t provide helpful answers to their unique situation.

The reality is, ChatGPT has no context on you and your situation unless you provide it.

It’s important that you provide ChatGPT with as much context as you possibly can.


  • The background & details of your business
  • The problem you’re facing
  • The solution you’re after
  • Market conditions
  • Your current plan

I found this analogy to be a helpful reference:

Give it a Task

Surprisingly, people sometimes forget to give ChatGPT a task at all.

Make sure you’ve clearly articulated what you want it to do.

Ask for a specific Format

If you’re after a specific format of the output, make sure you’ve given that instruction as well.

Don’t assume that ChatGPT knows what format you’re looking for.


______ in a table format

______ in the form of a poem

______ in the form of an email

______ in the form of a love letter

______ in the form of a bible verse

Offer an Example

Not the most essential element in the formula, but if you’re looking for a very specific result, offering ChatGPT an example you like is incredibly helpful!

Define the Tone

The persona you set earlier will help establish some of the response’s tone, but specifying a particular tone will refine the outcome even further.

This is an especially important element when asking ChatGPT for copywriting help.

*Ask for Clarification

This is the special addition I’ve added to Jeff Su’s proposed formula.

Instead of sending your request to ChatGPT after adding all the above elements, I like to add something along the lines of:

Before you respond, please ask me any clarifying questions so you have all the information you need.

This helps bridge any potential gaps we’ve left in our prompt and forces us to be more thoughtful in our future prompts.

If you take anything away from this framework, make sure you include this clarifier at the end of your prompts.

Final Prompt

You are an expert brand & marketing strategy consultant. I am in the process of building my personal brand in the e-commerce sales page niche, helping people improve their sales pages.

I’m planning a free webinar to attract leads by teaching attendees how to properly audit a landing page and charge clients for the service. I would like you to provide 10 name ideas for this free webinar. Provide the ideas in a table format that includes the name along with pros and cons for each idea.

Here’s an example of a great webinar title I like: “The Landing Page Lab: How To Charge $2k+ for Sales Page Audits”

The tone of the names should be authoritative, mysterious, and exciting. Before you provide your ideas, please ask me any clarifying questions that will help you produce better ideas.


It’s important to note that there will be circumstances that don’t require you to include every single element in every prompt you give it (especially with my special addition at the end of the formula).

If you’re already in a conversation with ChatGPT where it’s been given the context and persona, for example, you don’t need to continue including that element in subsequent prompts.

Another instance when you don’t need to be as specific with your prompts is if you’ve made use of ChatGPT’s built-in custom instructions function.

New ChatGPT feature - Custom instructions : r/ChatGPT

If you make use of this, it can handle elements like persona, context, tone, and even format…automatically.

How To Profit with The Perfect Prompt Formula

🟢Sell Your Prompts

Now that you have the blueprint for crafting a perfect prompt, you can start selling your custom prompts.

Prompt marketplaces like Promptbase let you list and sell prompts for different AI models including ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dalle, and many others.

The 9 Best Ai Prompt Marketplaces for selling Midjourney or ChatGPT prompts

Be aware that these marketplaces are already flooded with low-quality prompts from people trying to make a quick buck.

But don’t let that stop you.

My suggestion is to spend the time to create incredibly unique and high-quality prompts and leverage your personal brand online to drive traffic.

Don’t have a strong personal brand? Follow me on Twitter & I'll make sure you have everything you need to create one.

🟢Sell Your Expertise

I’d argue that the more reliable way to monetize your prompting skills is by selling your expertise as a service.


With a strong personal brand you could easily charge $100-$500 per hour for a zoom consultation teaching people how to properly prompt AI tools.

I did this myself in the blockchain space charging between $100-$150/hour and I booked hundreds of consultations over the course of a year.

I’m doing this now at $200/hr for a startup I’m working with teaching real estate professionals how to use AI in their businesses.

DM me on Twitter if you’d like some free resources + guidance on getting started consulting.


Freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer can be great places to both prove market demand for the prompting skills you’re refining and for securing gigs for yourself.

These contract-based opportunities can be great for quick work and gathering testimonials.


In case you’re skeptical of anyone paying for AI prompting skills, take a look at these first couple of results from a basic Google search:

These jobs are paying anywhere from $60k-$190k for a prompt engineer.

To be fair, although this framework might put you deep into Level 2, it’s Level 3 where you really begin to unlock AI superpowers and have more negotiation power in the marketplace for employment opportunities like these.

👏 The End

Articles like this take me days to research, outline, write, and edit.

Not to mention the time it took to formulate and articulate the framework itself.

But it only takes 15 seconds to share this framework with the world. Here’s this article in the form of a Twitter (X) thread:

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