The Ancient Business Framework That Transcends Time & Creates Lasting Wealth

Copy this timeless business model to unlock an overwhelming tsunami of money, customers, opportunities, and autonomy.

The Ancient Business Framework That Transcends Time & Creates Lasting Wealth

Implementing this one framework is why a 168 year old university hired me as an adjunct MBA professor as a 24 year old college drop out.

That’s not me being dramatic.

The same university I dropped out of just 3 years ago literally hired me to teach a masters course on emerging technology earlier this year.

Why on Earth would they do that?

Because I copied exactly what the greatest minds & entrepreneurs have been doing since the dawn of time:

I became a “Knowledgepreneur.”

A Knowledgepreneur is simply a person who turns their personal expertise and knowledge into educational products or services.

It’s exactly what great men & women have been doing throughout human history to position themselves as authority figures and, often times, generating a lot of money in the process.

Famous Knowledgepreneurs

Leonardo Da Vinci

Aside from being an accomplished artist, Leonardo also worked as a military consultant because of his extensive self-taught knowledge base in engineering and strategy. Leaders would literally pay him just to have access to his mind and opinions.

Grace Hopper

Hopper was a pioneer in computer engineering, having developed the first compiler for a computer programming language. She turned that expertise into professor roles & various consulting contracts in the tech space.

"The most important thing I've accomplished, other than building the compiler," she said, "is training young people.”

Alex Hormozi

Notorious for emphasizing the need to “give away the information, sell the implementation,” Hormozi has monetized his knowledge of business growth by acquiring businesses and advising their scaling efforts. 

We could track this concept of getting paid for what you know back to ancient times.

But I’m not here to convince you to become a professor or consultant. 

The Anti-Infopreneur Business Model

The word “infopreneur” is sometimes a dirty word in the business space.

An infopreneur & Knowledgepreneur are nearly the same – with one major difference:

Infopreneurs typically gatekeep information behind paywalls whereas Knowledgepreneurs freely give that information, but still have educational products and services available to help people implement the information.

Let’s take a look at two quick examples.

#1 The NFT Equation

During the peak of the NFT hysteria a few years ago, I realized I was pretty damn good at teaching people how to understand & navigate the space without getting scammed.

So I took all of my processes and strategies and put them into a comprehensive course & book that I sold online with great success. 

On the surface, that sounds like exactly what an infopreneur does. 

Which is mostly true, but what made the difference was I never hid any information behind a paywall.

I have the receipts of me telling people that literally everything inside my book & course was available for free on my social media.

The catch?

They had to spend the time and energy to go and find every little piece of information they were looking for in my huge catalog of posts and videos & organize it themselves – which would not be fun to do.

So, why in the world did people spend hundreds of dollars to get my course?

The same reason people go into debt for the rest of their lives to go to a college filled with information you can find online for free.

#2 University

At first thought, the higher education industry looks like a great example of infopreneurship – packaging up and selling information.

But the reality is, colleges function more as Knowledgeprenuers. 

They aren’t gatekeeping any information – how can you these days with the internet anyway?

I spent 3 years in university and earned a 3.95 GPA overall.

There wasn’t a single thing I learned in the classroom that wasn’t freely available on YouTube, but it was still worth it.

So it begs the question…

Why are people willing to go into crippling amounts of debt to go to college?
What people are actually paying for when attending college is for help implementing the information.

This includes:

  • Organization of information
  • Prestige / Authority
  • Accountability
  • Networking

And yes of course the degree itself (which would fall under prestige & authority).

From my time as both a star student and an MBA professor, that’s what I’ve determined it comes down to.

Organization of Information

Sure you can find all the information for free, but you’ll be required to organize it into a sequence and curriculum that’s conducive to learning and implementing it all.

Or you can pay a professional to organize it into a seamless learning journey for you.

Prestige / Authority

Yes you may have learned all the information, but how does an employer actually KNOW that you’ve learned it and know how to use it?

Although degrees are losing importance in the workforce, they still function as a sort of “proof of competency,” especially if you don’t have much real world experience to demonstrate it.


You have access to the information for free, but why hold yourself accountable to learning and using it?

Most people need to have some external form of commitment to follow through. That might be a financial obligation, a challenge, or simply a commitment to someone else.


All this free information and you still don’t have anyone to collaborate or work with?

Another aspect losing relevance in higher education due to the internet, networking can still be an immensely valuable reason to attend. I know a number of people who have gone to college for this reason alone.

But what if you could copy higher education's entire business model, operate it from your couch, and help a whole lot of people along the way?

Speaking from personal experience, becoming a Knowledgepreneur can unlock an overwhelming tsunami of money, customers, opportunities, and autonomy. 

Here’s what’s on the table when you become a Knowledgepreneur:

  • Instantly position yourself as an authority in your space
  • Build a business & brand that is recession proof
  • Claim true autonomy & location freedom
  • Positively impact people’s lives

Becoming a Knowledgepreneur

So now you know what a Knowledgepreneur is, the benefits of becoming one, and how colleges are using the same model to charge obscene amounts of money for free information…

But how exactly do you take advantage of this model and become a Knowledgepreneur yourself?

Fortunately for you, I’ve reverse-engineered the entire process from A-Z and put it into a free program called, you guessed it, Knowledgepreneur.

Knowledgepreneur Academy
Turn your knowledge into impactful and profitable online education - Without selling information or having a large following.

Knowledgepreneur was designed specifically for helping creators and experts master the skill of turning their knowledge into impactful and profitable online education -- without becoming a sell out.

It’s exactly what I wish I had on my path to turning my knowledge into over 100k in revenue & countless opportunities (without “selling information”).

I’ve created a program as robust as what I would teach at University, but instead of charging thousands, you can just have it.

It’s the dead simple, copy & paste process I’ve spent years fine tuning and used myself to:
  • Launch my first online educational program
  • Publish my first book (and sell thousands)
  • Land a teaching gig at my old University
  • Become a consultant for millionaires
  • Travel & work from anywhere
  • And regularly make $ online.

Knowledgepreneur is not just another course, although it has a course.

It’s not just a “community” echo-chamber, although it has a community aspect.

It’s an ecosystem & framework designed to give you the

Proven Plan
Tools & Frameworks
Step by step Roadmap
And Personalized Guidance

That you need to turn the knowledge & experience already inside your head into an impact-driven and income-producing business that gives you the freedom, control, and autonomy you’ve always desired.

But if I’m being honest…

This isn’t for everyone.

Knowledgepreneur is only a good fit for you if:

You’re a content creator with an audience


You’re an expert with a small ad budget

If that sounds like you and you want to get paid to help people solve their problems…

For transparency, the program actually is free, but there is a completely optional upgrade that comes with weekly coaching calls, more advanced (and controversial) trainings, and direct access to me (see how I’m giving the information away & selling the implementation?). 

If you don’t want the extras, just decline it during sign up.

Once you’re in as a free member, you’ll unlock instant access to the entire curriculum I’ve put together that will walk you through 4 distinct phases of becoming a Knowledgepreneur.

If it looks overwhelming…I’ve also included (for free) some of my custom-built private AI tools and curriculum templates so you can literally just plug in your details and be done.

I’ve removed all of the excuses you could come up with so now’s the time to start your journey as a Knowledgepreneur & reap the benefits of a business model that has stood the test of time:

Knowledgepreneur Academy
Turn your knowledge into impactful and profitable online education - Without selling information or having a large following.

Join for Free

👏 The End

Thanks for reading all the way through!

Articles like this take me days to research, outline, write, and edit.

Not to mention the months it took to formulate and create the Knowledgepreneur Program itself.

But it only takes 2 minutes to join for free and see if it’s a good fit for you.

See you inside.

Knowledgepreneur Academy
Turn your knowledge into impactful and profitable online education - Without selling information or having a large following.

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